How to choose menu for diabetics with obesity?

How to choose menu for diabetics with obesity?How to choose menu for diabetics with obesity?

As we know, with diabetics, a healthy eating diet and physical activity play key roles in diabetes prevention. In addition,  the most important and useful factor in coping with diabetes in obesity patients is weight loss. Therefore, diabetics need to have a good menu  for both healty eating diet and weight loss. In order to do this, “how to choose menu for diabetics with obesity?” is given question for them to answer.

For an effective diabetes treatment results, patients  must be careful in selecting foods for their daily meals. In detail, they have to choose appropriate foods for each meal in order to avoiding situation of energy excess.

As following, there are some important factors in choosing menu for diabetics with obesity

A scientific menu for diabetics with obesity

First, when choosing foods, diabetics should consider vegetables as priority.

Vegetables should be taken priority of diabetics' food choice

Vegetables should be taken priority of diabetics’ food choice

As analysis, the most important principle of meal for diabetics is that it can help diabetics not only weight balance but also weight loss. In the situation of stable disease, diabetes patient should limit foods with high rate of calories. If patients still feel hungry after meals, they should add more vegetables. They consist of much fiber and little calories amount. Moreover, it can help diabetics to avoid hungry feelings. Therefore, it is very usfeul for weight loss process of patients.

Secondly, in the basis of enough supplement of necessary nutrients, patients also have to try to help their body in the balance status. However, the most important thing is that consumed energy amount is higher than supplied one. If diabetics maintain this activity for a long time, their weight will decrease surely. In the long run, their body index will gain the standard one.


In sum, it is necessary to plan a reasonable menu for diabetics with obesity. It can help them to gain the best treatment results. In other words, they need a healthy eating diet for their diabetes prevention. Luckily, many patients in the world have found their method for themselves. They follow a strict eating plan at their house during treatment process. Finally, they can cure diabetes successfully.


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