How to prevent hyperlipidemia for diabetics?

As we know, cardiovascular disease is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes. It affects our daily activities negatively. In addition, hyperlipidemia is a common risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. Thus,…

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How to prevent complications of diabetes?

How to prevent complications of diabetes?

Nowadays, the rate of diabetes is getting higher and higher. It can directly affect all daily activities of patients. However, diabetes’ complications are more dangerous. It can even lead to death. Therefore, prevention of diabetes’…

Is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes?

Is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes?

Up to now, diabetes have become one of the most popular diseases in the world. Seriously, if patient is not treated carefully, diabetes can lead to many dangerous complications. They affect directly our daily activities….

In general. type 2 diabetes accounts for the big rate of diabetics

What is type 2 diabetes?

As we know, the rate of diabetics having type 2 is up to 90 percent. There are about 27 million people in the America with it. The most common form of diabetes is called type…

What is type 1 diabetes?

As we know, diabetes has 3 main types as following type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. In which, the more severe form of diabetes is type 1. In other words, it is known as…

Do you understand "what is diabetes?"

What is diabetes?

            In our modern life, diabetes is getting more and more popular. It is becoming one of the diseases having the highest increase speed in the world.  In the last…

It is necessary to come to the doctor during pregnance period.

What is diabetes in pregnancy?

In modern life, the rate of diabetes is raising gradually, even in pregnancy. This makes us to answer many questions about this problem as following: “what is diabetes in pregnancy?”, and ” how to prevent…