Is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes?

Is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes?Is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes?

Up to now, diabetes have become one of the most popular diseases in the world. Seriously, if patient is not treated carefully, diabetes can lead to many dangerous complications. They affect directly our daily activities. So, is it possible to prevent complications of diabetes? This question is received much care from all of us.

As we all know, complications of diabetes are very serious for patients. However, according to scientists, we can prevent them. General speaking, we need to have fully knowledgement about each stage in order to prevent complications of diabetes effectively.

How to prevent complications of diabetes?

As normal, prevention of diabetes complications is divided into 4 stages, as following:

Period without diabetes

Firstly, let’s talk about the period without diabetes. In this period, we don’t have diabetes or signal of high blood pressure. Purpose of this stage is preventing,  and restricting development of diabetes.

It is possible to prevent complications of diabetes

It is possible to prevent complications of diabetes

First of all, we should have a basic knowledge about diabetes. Therfore, we can know the importance of diabetes prevention. Besides, it is important to control our body weight well. In addition, if there is signal of overweight, we must have a detailed plan on daily eaiting diet and regular physical exercises in order to loose extra-weight. Especialy, with people with high blood pressure, it is compulsory to lower their blood pressure.

If there is signal of diabetes or pre-diabetes, we should go to doctor early to check blood sugar level, cholesterol and hemoglobin. As usual, people with good health condition should go to doctor to check these figures twice a year.

Now, move to the next period, it is central stage of diabetes’ complications prevention

Diabetes’ complications prevention

The second stage is period that we have diabetes, but there is no appearance of diabetes complications. Therefore, purpose of this period is prevention of diabetes complications.

In this period, main task is explaining, propagating more about diabetes and danger of its complications. Therefore, we can know about importance of prevention. Generally, patients have to follow a strict daily eating schedule. Besides, you have to take exercises reasonably. If having medications, it is compulsory to take medicines scientifically. In addition, it is necessary to control our body’s weight, blood glucose level and cholesterol carefully .

Besides a healthy eating diet, you have to take exercises reasonably

Besides a healthy eating diet, you have to take exercises reasonably

Now, move to the next stage. It is prevention from development of diabetes complications in the midde stage.

Middle stage of diabetes’ complications

Thirdly, we have to pay attention to the period which is the centre of diabetes complications development. In this period, we can combine some methods such as acupunture, physical therapy to prevent complications of diabetes effectively.

Finally, we will study the final period of prevention process

Final stage

Last but not least, this period is the most important stage. Purpose of this stage is making development of diabetes complication slower. As other diseases, the final stage is very dangerous to diabetics’ health. Seriously, some complications can lead to death. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare well for treatment and prevention in this period. Moreover, if need be, patients should go to doctors to have the best treatment method.


In sum, it is possible to prevent complications of diabetes. Each stage has different features and method of treatment. Therefore, diabetics have to collect all necessary knowledge of each stage to prevent it effectively. Generally, we have a healthy eating diet and reasonable physical activity in order to prevent diabetes effectively. In detail, we should follow a strict eating schedule and regular taking exercises for better health. They are two key factors of diabetes prevention process.

In sum, diabetics should pay attention to daily eating diet much

In sum, diabetics should pay attention to daily eating diet much

Therefore, many people have followed a perfectly natural diabetes treatment with combination of eating and practicing. Specially, this method has widely been applied by patients all over the world. Moreover, many diabetics are successful with this natural method.

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San Diego from Canada

San Diego from Canada


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