What are causes of diabetes?

Under the analysis in medical, causes of diabetes are shown. As we know, diabetes is a complex group of diseases with a variety of causes. People with diabetes have high blood glucose. Another word, we call high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. People say that diabetes is mainly caused by genes. In addition, there are many other causes such as obesity, irregular regimen, pregnancy, diseases of the pancreas, certain drugs or chemicals. They all are the severe causes of diabetes.  Now, we analyse each cause together.


The first reason belongs to genetic factor.

That genes is the main cause of diabetes is a controversial problem

That genes is the main cause of diabetes is a controversial problem

According to the statistics, from 20 to 30 percent of diabetics is caused by their parents who have diabetes.  In the situation of twins, the danger of having diabetes for both of them is very high. The rate of having diabetes type 1  is 50 percent. It is 90 percent for type 2. Besides, the results of analysis show that people who have relatives with diabetes often have this disease more easily than normal people. However, there is a noticeable point here. Genes is not the only cause of diabetes. The disease needs some catalyst factors. They will increase infection process of specific people.


Obesity is another cause of diabetes. It is one of the most main causes leading to diabetes, especially in the middle-aged. A statistic points that if a person whose weight is over 10 percent in comparison with standard one, the rate of having diabetes is higher than the normal one to 1.5 times.  Continually, with the person whose weight is higher than 1.5 times, that rate will increase 3.2 times. Especially, if the overweight goes up to 25 percent, the danger of diabetes shall be higher than 3.8 times. The death rate of diabetics with obesity in the age of over 45 is higher than 6 times that of diabetics without obesity. That number will be 20 times when comparing to the thin diabetics.

Obesity is one of the causes of diabetes

Obesity is one of the causes of diabetes

Lack of activity

The third cause of diabetes is lack of activity. The more developing society is, the less people’s activities are. Going out by car, lack of walking, seating in front of TV, laptop too long are the reasons of inactivity. Machines work instead of human beings in almost all fields of our lives. The lack of activity makes calories concentration not be able to disperse. Day after day, it brings to obesity, and then diabetes. This leads to many dangerous complications, consequently.

Other causes

We can list other reasons of this disease such as infection, irregular regimen, pregnancy, diseases of the pancreas, certain drugs or chemicals, stress, etc. All of them are the causes of diabetes, in short.

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