What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Some typical symptoms of diabetesSome typical symptoms of diabetes

Have you ever wondered about the typical symptoms of diabetes? Are you worried whether you have diabetes or not? This article will answer your question “what are the typical symptoms of diabetes?”.

In order to remember the symptoms of diabetes in the easiest way, you should learn by heart this quote ” three of more things, one of less one”. In where, three of more things means more drinking, more eating, more urinations. In contrast, one of less one is less vitality.


Go to toilet frequently

Go to toilet frequently

This is the first and one of the most typical symptoms of diabetes. When having this disease, patients usually go to toilet a lot, especially at night. Besides, the amount of urine is also more than normal.


Appearance of excessive thirst

Appearance of excessive thirst

Drinking more water is the second symptom of diabetes. So, why is there this symptom in diabetics? Because body of diabetics has to excete urine more, the amount of water will decrease, as well. This brings to a phonomena of cell dehydration. Then, it excites central nervous system and affects salivary gland. Consequently, there will be the appearance of thirst, patients have to drink constantly.


Diabetics usually feel hungry

Diabetics usually feel hungry

Feeling hungry more frequently is the next symptom of diabetics. When a person has this disease, an amount of sugar will be gone out with urine. Moreover, their body can not absorb sugar as normal ones.  There is not enough energy and calories leading to hunger. Consequently, they eat more frequently.

Do you know that obesity is one of causes of diabetes. In addition, if we have this disease, we will eat more. It is likely that there is any connection or contrariety here.


Diabetes makes patient tired

Diabetes makes patient tired

Having tired usually is the finally typical symptom that diabetes causes. There are two common reasons for tiredness or lethargy including having too high or too low blood sugar levels. In both cases, the tiredness is the result of having an imbalance between one’s level of blood glucose and the amount or effectiveness of circulating insulin.

  • Tiredness and high blood sugar levels

As we know, blood glucose levels go high when there is either insufficient insulin or the insulin is not working effectively enough. To provide us with energy, insulin is needed to transport glucose from blood into our cells to be used for energy. When there is not enough insulin, or the insulin isn’t working effectively, it means the sugar in our blood cannot get into our cells and therefore our cells do not receive the energy they need. As a result, we feel tired.

  • Tiredness and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia)

When blood glucose levels are low the body is in a similar position as a car that has run out of fuel; unless you are able to add more fuel, the car will quickly come to a juddering halt. Similarly, when blood glucose levels are low, you need to take in more carbohydrate to provide your body with the energy your body needs. It results in tiredness.

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